The Perfect Course Quiz

AIMT&CE (SVG) Ltd. is the education answer that you have been looking for. Pressures of time, money, family and work (in no particular order) affect the decision to pursue higher education. AIMT&CE (SVG) Ltd. offers the perfect solution for virtually every circumstance.

The Mode of distance learning has long been with the Educational Community. However, many fail to succeed as they are left to their own devices to "figure things out". As a result frustration sets in as a feeling of isolation takes over.


AIMT&CE (SVG) Ltd. offers distance learning plus. While online material will be sent to the learner, additional support will be provided 24/7. This would virtually eliminate the feeling of isolation as the student will be in contact with support personnel to answer their questions. There is a short black out time between 2 am and 7 am everyday, but our support personnel are certain to respond to all of your learning needs.