Advanced Institute of Management, Training & Continuting Education Ltd

Advanced Institute of Management Training and Continuting Education Limited (AIMT&CE Ltd.) is an organization specifically designed to bring the world of learning directly into your personal space. It is geared to providing students with internationally recognized qualifications and an opportunity to become qualified without leaving their homes or offices.

Our Mission

"To deliver to students the most relevant and highest quality programes as a viable option to enhance their qualifications through the use of a technological interface."


Our Values

The organization follows the values of:

  •     Respect
  •     Integrity
  •     Innovation
  •     Ethical Undertakings
  •     Self learning
  •     Continuous Improvement

Our Logo

The tree represents growth and the human/student in the heart of the tree represents the student who wants to reach their full potential. The leaves of the tree also represent sustainability and an environmental filter. The filter lets in only those courses that are internally recognized. Each leaf represents an aspect of Management training and Continuing education- namely, Management, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Entreprenaurial Management, Human Resource Management and even a Masters in Commercial Law