* Syllabus Advisory Council

The Syllabus Advisory Council, representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM and Vodafone), validates all Digital Marketing Institute course content. The Council ensures that graduates of the Digital marketing Institute have the most up to date digital skills and core competencies needed in the digital marketing field by providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis


How The Council Works

* Syllabus Validation


The Syllabus Advisory Council exists to validate the syllabus content for Digital Marketing Institute programmes. They ensure that graduates of these programmes have learned the latest tools and techniques from the world`s largest and influential digital brands.

* Setting Skill Agendas

Global digital skills shortages set the agenda for the areas for which the Syllabus Advisory Council sets its remit.  The Council also plays a pivotal role in shaping digital marketing job requirements by applying real time knowledge of skills and competencies that are essential to build the global digital economy.  Once the Council has defined these, it ensures that the syllabus content utilized by the Digital Marketing Institute is designed to adequately address the needs and skill sets required to perform in the digital marketplace.

The Syllabus Advisory Council’s role is to provide:

  • Industry validation of the qualifications through the syllabus review process

  • Industry policy advice on qualifications

  • maintain, monitor and promote the DMIQF

  • support the stakeholders and users of the DMIQF, students, educator, employers

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The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing education. Reaching over 80 countries with over 15,000 graduates it is the most widely taught digital standard in the world. In order to deliver the most up to date and relevant courses the Digital Marketing Institute works in collaboration with global digital experts to develop qualifications which are required of today's digital professionals. The syllabus content is defined and validated by the Syllabus Advisory Council.